NUMMIES is owned and run by the Scavo family. They are a food-oriented family in business and in pleasure. The patriarch, Jerry, has been in the bakery business for over 50 years! His children, Nick and Jerilyn have also been in the bakery and/or food business for all of their professional lives. It is their family’s dream and pleasure to have this business and serve their passion to your family.

Where did you get that name?

The Scavo’s oldest grandchild, Danny Reed, has shared in the family’s passion for food since he was born. He has been enjoying food and sharing in the preparation of it since he has been able to stand on a chair at the kitchen counter! When he was very small he would request food by asking for “NUMMIES.” And of course he would always be asking for “more NUMMIES.” Once you try these deliciously crafted offerings, you too will be asking for more NUMMIES!

What’s the story on Tortilla Villa?

Jerry’s wife, Debbie, is where we get the Mexican food. Her grandma, Trinidad Villagomez, came to the United States from Mexico. She hand-made tortillas and cooked for her large family and many visitors every day. When Jerry and Debbie first got together, Jerry saw her grandmother making these tortillas. He thought he would be able to make them at his bakery. With the help of Debbie’s brother, Tom Villagomez, he measured each of the ingredients that she used and recorded them. They took their recordings to the bakery and developed a way to create her tortillas on a larger scale. Her recipes have been captured and enjoyed by the family for generations and now can be shared with you!

You’re Safe with us!

The Scavo family is dedicated to safe food and takes great pride in adherence to strict practices and standards. This is why they carry several different certifications at Nummies Bakery. The facility is temperature controlled and is also Certified Gluten Free (GFCO), Kosher Pareve by OK Kosher, and SQF Level II. Nummies Bakery is a 100% contract manufacturer in a state of the art facility with a variety of equipment allowing them to co-pack several different types of products for companies of any size.

Jerry and Nick are also the owners of J.S.C. Services, Inc. They provide consulting services and reorganization for companies of varying sizes. They also specialize in the writing, auditing, and implementation of GFSI Food Safety Programs.